Bohemian jewelry for the free spirited

With a career of over 10 years in the fashion industry as a stylist, Alexandra Caspruf decided to turn her passion for artisanal jewelry into a business.

"I started creating jewelry with never-ending thoughts of bohemian escapes and long summer nights, idyllic sceneries and unforgetable itineraries, effortless outfits and suitcases packed with memories. I am inspired by the uniqueness of natural stones, the charm of cultured pearls, and the dreamy glow of mother-of-pearl details. I love asymmetries and the beauty of imperfections, excessive stars and unconventional combinations."

Alexandra's jewelry brings pearls back into the spotlight with a new, unpretentious, free-spirited, sometimes dramatic identity.

Each piece is hand-assembled in her workshop in Bucharest, with carefully selected elements and the utmost attention to details.